Intro to Intro (01)


Did you ever think how you can catch someone’s attention towards yourself or towards your firm or products? Well, I have. In fact that was my long time interest and hobby that I pursuit as long as I can remember. Today I am willing to share my ideas and practices, as by sharing I want to take the next step in learning – to become a teacher / mentor / consultant.

My name is Roman Narojnyi, and right now (October 2011) I am 24 yo. I live, study and work in Netherlands, Amsterdam, the place I now proudly call home. This is my blog where I will mainly discuss the topics of Marketing and Business Plans, as these are the topics that interest me the most. The idea of this blog is that I will address some issues regarding some Marketing practices that are out there, as well as come up with business plans for the ideas that can have a real life applications.

I, therefore, am interested in seeing how far my ideas will go in terms of creative aspect and execution, and if anyone interested I am free to discuss them.

More information coming soon!

Take care,


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