Interactive Television

Interactive television (ITV), together with the Internet and mobile phones are todays “new” media channels. Technology developments are each day more accentuated in these media, specifically, with ITV expecting to grow in the upcoming years as more and more households are wired with the necessary two-way technology.

ITV already is present in many ways in our lives, sometimes without us even realizing it. For example, ITV right now offers: additional information on demand, games, video-on-demand, and other, all supported by set-top-box.

But, what do these new technology developments hold for the future of ITV? My basic assumption is that the interactivity level between the TV channels, advertising companies and the viewers will continue increasing. The visible scenario is that consumers will finally have a chance to choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it, instead of following a specific time table, by simply pressing several buttons on their remotes, communicating their preferences directly to the companies.

The possibility of these assumptions coming through is based on several things that already exist in the world of today, such as:

• TV channels where you can go online to choose (or at least vote) on your program;
• Cinemas where you can vote on how you want the film to continue (end); and
• The overall decrease of preference toward television, created by appearance of new media and respective attempts by TV companies to keep the viewers interested.

Overall, we need not to forget that the world is changing and that as a person / firm, you need to stay ahead of the changes.

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