Effie award – Marketing Effectiveness Recognition

After running your marketing campaign and getting as much benefit as possible from it, marketers still have one possibility to have their investments that will allow them additional recognition for their work. This is done through Marketing Communication awards. One of most recognized award is the Effie Award.

Effie award (http://www.effie.org/)

Introduced in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association, Effies awards are judged on the basis of ability of the companies to achieve their Marketing Communication objectives. Euro Effie is divided into: 40 national Effie Awards programs, 3 regional programs (the Asia Pacific Effies, Euro Effies and Middle East North Africa Effies), the Global Effie Awards and Effie conferences and case study presentations.

The entry fee is between € 965.00 and € 1.495 and the campaigns are judged in one of the following several categories (see also the examples of the best campaigns per category):

1. FMCG (“Nespresso George Clooney” Nespresso)

2. Consumer Goods (“I AM Nikon” Nikon)

3. Pharmaceutical & Healthcare (“Sensodyne / Recommended by Dentists ” for Sensodyne)

4. Automotive (“The next best Audi” Audi A1)

5. Corporate (“We know what it takes to be a tiger” Accenture)

6. Retail (“Make it your project” Hornbach)

7. IT / Telco (“Kseniya Sobchak. Crash” Samsung Duos)

8. Services

9. Leisure & Entertainment (“Adidas +10” Adidas)

10. Social media Effectiveness (“Slow down. Take is easy” Accident prevention campaign)

11. Product/Service Launch (“BOSS Orange” – BOSS)

12. Brand Re-vitalization

13. Best demonstration of Integrated Effectiveness

14. Small Budget (under €5 million)

15. Long-term Effectiveness (Campaign which has run for a minimum of five years) (“Dove Deodorants” Dove)

16. 360 degree Integration (“Halo: Heroic Story Telling – Believe” – Xbox 360)

There are also Effies “Special Awards” called:
1. Grand Prix Award
2. Agency Network of the Year Award

The competition will be conducted in two rounds:

Round 1 –The Round 1 Selection is about the cold hard facts such as the campaign background, business and communication objectives, creative strategy, media strategy, and the proof found of the evidence of the results.
Round 2 – the evaluation of the case based 80% on effectiveness and 20% on the creative work.

The prizes of Effie Award are Bronze Effie (for campaigns that overall score 6.0-6.8 /10.0), Silver Effie (score 6.8-7.5 /10) and Golden Effie (score more than 7.5). Other awards are also applicable, such as, 100 free spots on EuroNews given to the winner of the agency network award.

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