Experts Word Is Your Command

Expert’s word is a rule!

“Read this post, because I am an expert!”

I often come back to the notion of leaders in a specific field, who usually (hopefully) are experts. One way or another, experts are the people who are going to have things done their way, because if an expert tells something, are you going to counter-argue?

Don’t get me wrong though, you can argue with an expert if you have strong arguments and if you have enough to say. However, high states of energy, wakefulness and alertness are not always present, nor you are an expert in all possible fields. Thus, when your processing recourses are low, words of normal people can seem like commands, not even talking about experts, who just eats you alive.

Let me raise the stakes: You don’t even have to be sleepy in order for expert to tell you what to do, for you to follow his words like it was your own decision in a first place. Simply, people have limited cognitive resources and they can’t dedicate enough of these resources to process every single stimulus that comes their way. What they do is process the information on “yes”, “no”, “lets me stop and think about it” levels, which in the case of an expert is more often just “yes”.

Take for example, George Clooney, and he telling you that drinking Expresso is very posh drink for which you have to pay big money, and that standards of coffee capsules are these small things that you have to insert in custom made machines, which are not cheap either… What people do, they say, “oh its expensive, lets me go buy Expresso, because George Clooney told me so”. The world of Clooney is so strong that even competition had to adopt their products in order to stay in the game.

But besides George Clooney and people in white coats, standing in laboratories, who else are experts?

Well, actually Internet, books, medium, TV and other media channels are considered equivalent to expert sources of information, so even this blog tells you how you should view the world and what you have to do. In my defence though let me just tell you that at least I am honest and I only have your best interest, which you should already know, if you are reading this!

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