Fake achievements

Fake achievements are by definition not real achievements. A person does not really gain anything with them, as every perceived improvement does not really corresponds with improvement of skills (state) of the user who receives the achievement, as he/she probably will continue performing (being) at the same rate, but they are a nice to have for several reasons:

  • They create a feeling of investment and progress, thus generating addiction and loyalty.
  • Create a comparison bases, generating sense of competition, thus creating value through status and expertise;
  • Creates a benchmark, which is stimulated to be achieved, therefore, stimulating a higher use of the product, compared to the situations where there is no clear sense of achievement.
  • Create a sense of direction, by pointing at concrete actions that need to be undertaken to achieve the achievement.
  • Provide entertainment value, thus stimulating psychologically the receiver of fake achievement;
Moreover, two types of response can come towards the achievement goals:
  • A person wants to demonstrate his skills / intellect (“I know how to do it”) – however, if the achievement goal is too high it may lead to giving up;
  • A person looks at achievement goal as opportunity to learn – in this situation, a harder achievement goal will lead to more effort of achieve the goal (“if I do it, I will learn something”)

Because fake achievements affect psychological state, they can be optimized. More and faster achievement are generally good in the beginning and less often achievement are good later on.

Perhaps the place where you can find most fake achievements is in the gaming industry, but they can be used almost any situation, as, after all, everyone has goals which they want to achieve. A little push in a “right” direction, may be sufficient.

Use fake achievements.

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