Dark side of marketing

In principle, all products should be created towards improvement of human lives. While this is true, some products were created to improving lives of a few, but they were picked up by many, becoming popular for all the wrong reasons:

– Smoking
– Gambling
– Drinking
– Sweet consumable products (such as Coca-Cola)
– Fast food products (such as, hamburgers and deep flied food)
– Some games (e.g., online) – which are created for people to use them to a certain amount of time, but that than become an addiction
– …

Generally speaking, medicine also should be classified as a bad product, but contrarily to smoking and drugs, it do not hold an addictive nature, and therefore is often considered to be good product. The problem with medicine, however, is that it is sold to much more people than actually need it, thus becoming decremental to human condition.

Law of the market is sometimes brought up to justify the righteousness of selling these products, but there is also a fine line where one can really say that the product benefit to human life was reached, and when people want to profiteer in expense to human beings. After all, the market exists what if not for creating a possibility of a better life for everyone?

I must blame, partially, marketing for the wide spreading the bad habits, as they explore the human condition (and its weaknesses), but than again human beings are not easy creatures. They involve themselves in self-destructive behaviors and often want to do what is bad for them, as a way to feel good about themselves.

While I love Marketing and as I support its contribution to the world, there is no doubt that level of skepticism about marketing practices is at its highest ever. Still we need marketing to create progress in our society.

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