Catch Bloggers Attention

One important tool for marketing is something what I am doing right now – blogging. However, it does not have to be your own blog where you can promote your service. A word from a right (established) expert can get you more than you can do yourself, plus managing a blog is a lot of work (trust me). Sometimes it is simply better way is to outsource and focus on your competences.

I found a nice online post from other blogger which describes several ways you can catch bloggers attention (5 non spammy ways to get a bloggers attention). The ideas in the post are the following:

1- Comment (and contribute to) the bloggers posts

2- Relate your products to the blog and post

3- Connect to the readers of the blog – use bloggers already established network (trust me, bloggers like that)

4- Go beyond the blog – follow bloggers activities in other medias, such as Twitter

5- Ask blogger for interview – awareness is important for bloggers, plus they may have products that they want to pitch themselves.

Overall, the ideas are great to promote in any business, but the last idea, specially, is personally think is not well explored in todays already very much saturated society and therefore presents a great opportunity for the firms. Ver often both parties can benefit from this sort of arrangement.

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