Nikes advertisement

Advertisement should eventually lead to sales, and there is a right and a wrong way to do it. The right way, is of course, to establish tangible goals and pursuit them, while the wrong way is just do something and hope it will work.

A new Nikes advertisement¬†(you can see it bellow) was promoted a lot on all sort of channels, including TV, facebook, youtube, online banners, Nikes website (which was reconstructed specially for this one promotion), etc., all saying “come watch our new film”.

“Watch our new film”? Of course this is not as intrusive way as saying “buy our products”, but is it really objective? This film can (and probably did) reach 50M views, promoted as it was, but I am sure that the money spent on the ad was not efficient. Trying to make a video viral is not equivalent of having a viral video, meaning that people might have seen the video (due to all the promotion), but they did not forward it to their friends, they did not talk about, the press did not picked it up on it as much as it could have, when using so many known celebrities…

Plus there is the meter of creating such an expensive film: The company invested millions of dollars in this film, and now that it is done, they want to show it. Now more money has to be invested for people to see Nikes ad and once people saw it, they don’t want to see it again…

I still don’t think that the return on investment will be as good as Nike wanted it to be (as compared to a smaller and cheaper videos done by competition), and that the message of the ad wont be understood (at least to the point Nike wanted it to be understood).

By trying to take risk, Nike has probably done a big mistake, as the ad will be gone from peoples minds as soon as the campaign is over. Good luck explaining this to investors!

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