Humans love comfort. It is not only the comfort of the body I refer to, but also comfort of the mind.

We always say that we like or dislike what we got, but the reality of the thing is that if we want to change something, this change, or better, the degree of change, should not be astronomically high. Big and fast change are disliked by human being, but small and continuos changes are welcomes. It is also true that loss of progress (even small) is perceived to be as a loss, and as such, brings us great discomfort, regardless of what the loss is.

Looking at todays economy, we can see that the GDP (in most countries) is not growing as fast as it was before the crises and in some cases it even decreases. However, lets look at different perspectives. As a student, leaving on a small amount of money (say 800 euro a month), one could survive easily, but when we grow up, suddenly 2000 is not enough. Again, people grow accustomed to their current state of living and sometimes just cannot go back.

However, looking at a bigger picture, lets think of possibility of a life of other planet, or a economical power greater than USA, which can very well be (now or in the future) one of the emerging markets, say China. Because we perceive these countries as bigger than us, we perceive them as threats, and while we wont throw an atomic bomb on China, ever if it decided to take a bigger and more pronounce play in our lives, we will do it on aliens the minute they show up, because the change will be so big and so fast that it will scare us.

Stepping back from the aliens, we can find examples of radicle changes in our daily lives. For example, if a person has a sitting job, and later is asked to having a 8 hour a day standing job, this may come as a very fast change, for which a person is not prepared. Also, telling an average person to write a mathematical code, to run a marathon tomorrow (no walking), to shoot a gun and a get the target in one shot, or anything else that we don’t do on daily bases will result in a quick defeat.

Overall, my point is that people like to think that they would like to see some positive changes in their lives today or tomorrow, but quite often they are not prepared for these changes the changes are presented immediately. Thus, a slower and more methodical approach is necessary,  building on already established grounds, making people go away from their comfort zones but not too far that they can’t handle.

Realize that this is the base for any successful campaign and build a marketing strategy around it, and you will have successful Marketing.

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