6 Steps to Live Changing Objective Listing

I am a strong believer in making the lists. Lists for everything – breaking down the things you know and do.

Most common lists are:Jedi library Listing

  • To do list
  • Objective list

But also you can have:

  • A gym exercise list
  • Shopping list
  • Birthday wish list
  • etc.

Why are list important? It is said that we can hold a piece of information in our heads for somewhere around 10 seconds, after which it is replace by a new idea or though. This can be frustrating experience because if we have a great idea or epiphany, we can forget all about it in just few seconds.

Why do you think you don’t remember much from your school and university days? There can be many reasons, but this may be one of them. After sitting in the class and teacher delivering a speech on a topic, most of what he just said, you already forgot.

What is the solution? Follow 5 step ways to Live Changing Objective Listing:

Step 1 – Have a Note Book and Pen at all times

You NEED to have notebook and a pen available to you at a matter of seconds, as our healthy brains are processing millions pieces of information every second and good ideas are bound to come up. When they do you have only few seconds before the idea is gone. Use them wisely.

Also, I have to make a special emphasis on the “all the time”, as some of the ideas will be only available in certain environments. For example: only in the shower you will remember that you are running out of deodorant (you don’t have to have a notebook in the shower, but have it close by); only at a party you will remember a promise you made to a specific person.

Step 2 –  Don’t to be afraid the stop the day to write things down

This step indeed is the most disregarded (even by me), but it is crucial because we are often confronted by the same ideas over and over again, so for all intense and purposes by writing the idea we are saving precious mind power.

Additionally, previous “at the party” example shows a situation where by not writing things down you could have missed a great opportunity.

Step 3 – Organizing (or listing) everything you want to do

After writing things down you will find a big list of information. The organization of this information should be done with a help of several lists. I have personally tried several way to compose and keep these list (such as paper files, cards, different apps and word files) and the best way I found is through an App called “Evernote”.There you can create different lists, to put as many notes as you want in these lists and to move the notes between lists, if necessary. Moreover, this app is free and available for computer and smartphones. Don’t use Evernote to replace pen and paper, use it in combination. From experience, you will soon find out that writing things on the phone is much slower and more distracting way of composing the list.

Step 4 –  Prioritize your “to do list”

As you will soon find out, you are simply overrun with the things needed to do. Most things are simply useless, in comparison to other things on your list. They will take you a lot of time and energy and will bring nothing but marginal results. To make more sense of all the sings you want to do I suggest reading “The one thing” by Gary Kelle.

Step 5 – Break down big objectives

Some of the objectives like “going to the Moon” will be hard to achieve at first. Still you can break them down to smaller elements and baby step your way to final goal. In case of going the the moon the break down may consist of “enrolling in space camp” and “learning an alien language” (however, you may break it down in your own fashion).

Step 6 – Review your list

Finally, you need to review your list on periodic bases (personally, I do it once every month). This will allow you to see your progress and simply to realize where your priorities lie and how many things that we think are important to you are not so at all.

Hope this helps and will contribute to your successful and rich lives :).

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