Marketing Psychology – Human drivers

As opposite to Physics where the work of Einstein is considered to be the base of all theories that other physicians try to follow, in psychology Freud’s theories are often considered to be a laughing point compared to the recent break thoughts (to the point that my friend who studies psychology tells me that in none of her classes Freud’s theories are studied).

However, I can’t but to have respect for Freud for being a pioneer in his field and want to grand him a chance to redeem himself by pointing at two drivers that Freud told to be the drivers of all human behavior: Sex and Aggression.

Here aggression does not have its literal meaning, but it is better defined as Power (a want to have more and to be the best). I also want to add a new component to these drivers of human behavior which I will call the Need to Belong. Let’s now look at each one of them seperatelly:

First of all – Sex:

If we look at evolutionally psychology and more specifically biology, Sex seems to be the only reason for any action done by a human being (or living organism). By sex I mean the need to pass genes into the next generation. This seems to be plausible if we think of Marketings efficiency of sex appeal ads, as well as general consumption, which is often (without us even realizing it) done to show others that they we are this or that and therefore belong to a certain niche, which we want to “satisfy”.

Second – Aggression:

Human evolution (if you believe in it) gave us a big brain, which is now considered to be the “biggest sex organ” of our bodies. The idea of this instrument is that depending on how well we use it, it will reflect on the level of our attractiveness, and I don’t mean that the smartest person wins in the sex war, but the person who will position themselves best in their personal niche (using their brain) wins. This is what I call Aggression or Power. The ability to stand out. This is also visible in Marketing by the fact that companies try to be the “best” and most visible in something.

Last – Need to belong:

This general driver of human behavior was not much mentioned by Freud (or at all), but it was pointed out by the next generation of psychologists, and I find it important for two reasons. First,  today take the majority of people on our planet belongs the collectivistic cultures and they behave in a certain ways to  be well seen by “their group”; and because no matter how independent we think we are, we always seek approval of other in one way or other from others. This is why we buy products because we think that others will think of us as more attractive, and because we want to be liked.

Overall, I think that Aggression (or Power) and Need to Belong (or any other driver of human behavior) always come back to Sex, so no matter what you are selling (even Financial products) don’t forget to make your product “sexy”.

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