Rules of Consumption

Few years of working is enough to realize that you can, and definitely  should, tell consumers what to do. I call these “what to do” instructions as “Rules of Consumption”.

By Rules of Consumption I mean giving consumers directions and guidelines on how to do virtually anything.

Going back to Psychology, which is my favorite subject, one can easily imagine that people are very flexible and easily adjusting “mechanisms”. They generally like to have control and structure in their lives, which they establish through rules and regulations (“do this”, “don’t do that”) and once established, try to communicate to other people in order to create symmetry of behavior.

Rules and regulations are necessary for several reasons, such as to avoid old behaviors that are known to be undesirable for a person or a society, as well as because adjustments require usage of mental energy, which is limited. On this account, people will only adjust in situations which they think are worth the conscious effort. However, in small, everyday situations people often prefer to use pre-established routines, or is the case of this topic at hand, pre-established established rules – Rules of Consumption.



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