Improve your Marketing program (New Tips)

Being involved in Marketing I often look for good new ideas that are out there explored by only a few, or could better used. Today, I want to share a few:

1) App’s

Apple users are specially familiar with the mobile applications for their phone, for a simple reason that they can go online and buy many of them at a Apple online store. Thus, the apps are being used each time more, and therefore a (free?) app about your company can exist for more heavy users, who look for additional opportunity to talk about your firm.

2) Self-recordings

People often wish that they could receive additional feedback from their clients about their performance during a sales meeting or get tips on how to improve their business performance in general. This can actually be achieved, without involving clients or any third party for that matter, but by becoming a third party. How to do this? By recording yourself, your business, your phone calls, …, and re-viewing it some time later. The important thing is probably to think critically about the “why’s” of what has been done or said, and to do it soon after the recording itself, so memories of the event stay fresh at the time of the review.

3) Competition

Go to competition and see what they are doing. This is of course obvious, but often times disregarded in a long-term. My take on the competition is that the first step is always to know all the existing competitors, big and small, direct or indirect, and to see what they are doing right (and possibly wrong). The next step (if it makes sense) is to actually talk to your competitors.

(The same go for the partners, except for the part of what they are doing right or wrong – as this is a management problem, more than of marketing – as you never know when and what you will need).

4) Place and time

Some products are universal and can be sold anywhere and any time, but majority are not. Therefore, it makes sense to promote a product as much as possible at the time of interest for your product. All and different kind of promotional material should be available. Consumers are in the end all different, and different things catch eyes for different people, that to say that one should not always rely on absolute and perfect Marketing program that consists of only one promotional element (no matter how good it is).

For more upcoming tips, come back to this website ;).

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