1 year anniversery – Intro Marketing

Congratulations to this blog, me and all the followers! It is Intro Marketing first birthday.

I started this blog as an experiment. Actually, before this one, there was another one called “from student to millionaire”. That blog was too broad and therefore I didn’t think it would be too appealing for the readers. There was some interesting content, but I still didn’t see the use of that blog, besides organizing my thoughts by putting them online. Besides me I didn’t see other people reading that blog.

This blog, however, also offered some challenges. First and foremost, there are many online blogs out there on the topic of Marketing. So how to differentiate? Also, being specific, innovative and interesting requires constant research and thinking outside box. On top of all, I always though of myself as a none-writer type of person, but rather someone who is good (very good) with numbers.

It is funny, really. I am very good with numbers (logic) and I went into Marketing, right? At least for people who are not into Marketing, the global opinion out there, that Marketing about creativity (words). Both are actually true. There is always a need for marketing analysts, and that’s where I come in – organized and creative in logical and factual way.

(This can actually be one of future posts for this blog Creativity vs Logic in Marketing – that’s how I am thinking now).

I actually gave up at one point, which I guess happens to a lot of writers at one point or another. Writing and managing a blog is time and energy consuming activity, while at same time it is nice to receive some feedback from people, which you don’t, for quite some time.

My motivation or what kept me going was that I was looking at all these real live campaigns (as well as, I designed couple of my own for a company I worked at) so there was a lot of interesting stuff out there, as well as some upfront bad marketing, and I could not tell anyone about my ideas… The closest people to me are not marketers, but they enjoy my stories. Still I require opportunity to express myself on a bigger level, so I restarted writing.

The overall stats of this blog so far are 40 posts in 1 year, which makes it around 1 post every 10 days. Total views are around 1000 views, which makes it about 25 people per post or 3 people per day. I know, that this in nothing still, but it a start (not to say that I don’t value all my readers individually!).

I also started another blog, which is called Rage at Work. This blog has a nice and funny theme about peoples frustrations, angers and upsets specially at the place of work. The idea is that people spend a big part of their time at work, thus saying that peoples lives are not influenced by their work is just out of question. Also, there are a lot of frustrations that people have to deal at their place of work… “Nothing not personal, its just business”. This blog has about 700 views in 2 month (talking about the learning curve – nice, right?).

Anyway, that blog is just fun, while this is more business, so I like both blogs.

Overall, thank you again for reading and I promise to have more great content soon!


Roman Narojnyi

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