James Bond drinking Heineken

Skyfall's Heineken advertIt is true and it has been long announced that in the new James Bond movie: Sky Fall our British hero agent 007 will be drinking Heineken instead of his traditional “shaken not stirred” Vodka Martini.

This announcement comes as a big shock to legions of loyal fans, but new James Bonds actor, Daniel Craig, has already been breaking a lot of his character rules since his introduction at Casino Royale (2006).

Still, how can Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Daniel Craig resist when they are offered millions of dollars to change couple of shots in the movie? It is well known that James Bond has already been changing his cars on a regular bases as well as he was flashing his new Omega watch, so why not his drink?

His signature line may have started as a catchphrase, or probably as something that he has  said once and people loved it, but in my opinion it was more likely to have been an advertisement investment from Martini Corp that has been paying off very well ever since. Even if it was not, the benefits enjoyed from continuously saying his line to Martini Corp are very large indeed: millions of people have been watching JB films (23 movies so far) and Martini Corp probably did not pay for every movie that was out there (as for Vodka, there are many brands out there, so there is more of a industry benefit, rather than firm specific benefit).

Heineken is just one of many examples of how corporations are using film as a mean to advertise their brands or products.

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