Solving Politicital and Electoral Problem

political issuesWhen it comes to people who we allow to run our countries, these people are known to put quite a show during the election period, promising the word, as long as it helps them to win.

They make many different appeals, some very good, like solving major problems of the economy, but when elected suddenly can’t deliver their promises, each one for his own reasons.

This problem is at the heart of current election in USA, where Barack Obama is put a lot of pressure for not following up with his previous plans. This gives leverage to Mitt Romney, but who says that he will do any better? Some of his policies and speeches sound to be incongruent, but even if they are true, who says that Romney will do everything he tells that he will do? How do we know, without speculation, the results of these policies will be productive for both parties?

This is a big, ongoing and repeating problem, and while one can discuss it over and over again, I am here today not to offer more discussion, but to provide solutions. These are the questions I want to solve, which are the heart of my current thesis:

– Can politicians make claims that will be transformed into real life applications (always or at least much more often)?

– If a politician follows up on his campaign claims, what were the predicted results of candidates’ efforts and what are the actual results?

– How we can reduce these empty or untrue promises?

– How can we increase controls on our politicians and by that improve the whole political system and our own lives?

I’m sure that for the first time reader these questions will sound to complex and short-term unrealistic, but I am here today to tell you that it is possible.

What I propose it to have a database where politicians’ claims and promises are written and documented, in terms of proposed solutions, expected results and expected delivery time. Once, input, the politician is judged on whether, when and how they delivered their promises, which is as well documented. There will be sources to claims and results, as to make the whole discussion fact based, rather than opinion based.

This database will allow to do two major things:

1) Create a historical record of all political campaigns, which will provide a politician a average rate of success, which will be comparable to the previous presidential leaders.

This, in turn, will make the whole system quantifiable in terms of quantity and quality of politicians’ claims.

If a politician made a bad or unrealistic claim, the system will notice that, and next candidate wont be able to make the same claim, without providing additional information, which in long-run will make it evident which are the real and working claims and which are not.

2) Make people much more aware of their candidates and their respective campaigns in systematic way.

People will have all information in one place, which they can see and compare to the sources of information claim. This will provide a general overview over a candidate, making it much easier to compare different parties and their political views.

Overall, although incomplete, there is historical information available about many previous candidates, their promises and the results of their efforts, which will make the database ready for use the second it is created.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such database available to the general public, but if done, it would definitely improve the political system, and respectively, our lives. Additionally, this database does not have to be country specific, nor a position specific (president vs. regional administration representative) but of course should be done one step at a time, with US presidents providing by far the best place to start.

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