Funny and Controversial Advertisment – “Never Say No to Panda”

“Never say no to panda” is a cheese advertisement depicting people saying “no” to Panda cheese and dealing with consequences – panda.

I don’t know what your opinion about this advertising, whether it works and not and whether people will have a good brand attitude after they they see this advertisement.

From what I can see, the advertisement is based on fear appeal, i.e., fear of not using the product, as well as that the message is negatively framed message (consequences of not using the product), to say that making advertisement positively framed is not always the solution (positively framed fear appeal would be for example to be avoid fear by using a product, which is many times the case is tooth pasts preventing caries).

By presenting brand information in the following way company achieves several things: attention, interest and increased processing of information. It does not per se mean that people will have a positive attitude toward the brand. Most FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are low involving product, meaning that people don’t think to much about them, thus people perceive information on much more superficial level, and require much more positive information (positive feeling from using the product). Negatively framed campaign based on fear is more suitable for high-involvement, “thinking products”, or “necessities”, such as insurance and medical products. Still, there are different types of consumers so, like in recent US presidential elections, different campaigns are needed to reach different target groups. Also there is a problem of clutter, so maybe a different and unexpected campaign will stand out from the crowd.

In the end, only real live products sales will be indicative of campaign success. The rest is our opinion. “Never say no to Panda” – check it out:

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