Facebook’s Targeted Advertising May Be No More In European Union

facebook-euAccording to Telegraph, during 2011, Facebook received a request from 24-year-old Austrian student, Max Schrems, asking what information company had on him. Result of this request was a 1222 page containing CD, which was still incomplete according to Max, as he filed a complaint on Facebook saying that company was withhold of information about him.

The information Facebook holds about its used contains peoples interests, like, music preferences (what they on their website), links users pressed, religious views, age, status’ information, and so on. This information  company provides to advertisers without limitation, except disclosing the identity of specific users.

Still, this is enough to compose a very specific profiling and behavioral targeting for advertising.

This, however, may become an old story as of 2013, as European Union prepares to lunch new directive preventing targeted use of users information. This, of course, will affect negatively companies market value, which has already been suffering since Facebook’s IPO.

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