Did you know: Google’s Behavior Tracking

Big brother never sleeps (internet))When I was working at my first E-marketing position, we were trying different things to bring traffic to our website (SEO, pay-per-click, etc.). Later I was asked for the results of my efforts. So what is the best indicator of progress, besides the incoming traffic?

One option is position of our website in a search engine (which position? which page? which keyword? which search engine?).

The main search engine for us was Google and second Yahoo, although today I will always suggest to look also at other search engines when developing your Internet presence.

I got certain result. Was it conclusive? Apparently not. What happens is that if two different people searching Google for the same keyword will get different results, because of Behavioral History which Google (and many other browsers) records.

What even more interesting is that your search result might not even be the best result for you, as when we search online we engage in two general behaviors:

1) Productive searching – when we are looking for information that we actually need; or

2) Impulsive searching – something we look up mostly for pleasure.

Therefore, Impulsive Searching disturbs the quality of information in Productive Searching, as Google and all other behavioral tracking browsers, don’t make distinction between different behaviors. They track behavior overall and count it as one.

Therefore, next time you are asked about position of your website online, remember, it is little bit more complicated than that.

PS: For fun, with your friend or college try searching Google (or other browser) with the same keyword and compare your results.

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