Valentines Day: All you Need to Know!

Valentines heart cake with candle : happy birthdayValentines Day! It is day of love and of great romance, but it is also my Birthday, and nobody likes their birthdays more than I do. It is just “my day” and I celebrate myself as a person. So yes this is my blog and yes I do write about important events such as this and yes my birthday is on Valentines Day. However, having a birthday on St. Valentines day is actually not so great as people think it is…

Sure, more people remember your birthday, but all the restaurants are booked and half of my friends cannot come because of their dates. Also, sometimes instead of receiving presents I have also to give them…

Therefore, birthdays are as important as other celebration days, even more so, sometimes. Do celebrate them as a company, as marketers and as regular people, because you are not getting older, you are getting another chance to shine!

PS: Curious Fact – if you did not notice it, in 2010, aside from Valentines Day and my birthday, 14th of February was also a Carnival and Chinese / Lunar new year!

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