History Channel – “#1 Men’s Enternaiment Network”

History channel: number 1 men's entertainment channelClaiming to be #1 is possible in marketing and it is also effective, specially when no one can truly say for certain who is really the best in specific field. It is even comedic material to see two brands side by side on the shelves claiming both to be “Best”, “number 1” or “most preferred / used brand on the market”.

To my knowledge this happens specially a lot in a toothpaste and medicine markets. Self-claimed doctors, real doctors or actors in robes all have a say for who is the best, for certain amount of money in their pockets, of course. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am a marketing specialist and I would do it too if I was in these brands position, so I am just stating the fact.

History channel: number 1 men's entertainment channel



Now, as the title states, apparently History Channel is the #1 Men’s Entertainment Network. As a man and as a marketer, I see a problem with it. As marketer I know that making unsupportable claims can be counter productive for the brand image, but also that bad press can be a good press. As a man, I can tell you at least a dozen of other networks that beat History Channel in terms of entertainment factor. Its easy: ratings. (who agrees with me?)

Overall, I do like the idea of this ad, though, simply because I haven’t seen many other ads for History Channel. So in a way it is a reminder advertisement, with targeted towards men’s curiosity. I can be skeptical about the ad all I want, but the damage is done, I did remember about the brand.

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