Trijntje Oosterhuis does more in few days than Marketers do in years!

Trijntje OosterhuisDue to recent unfortunate events in Philippines, social aid is coming from every part of the world.

In response to this disaster, Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis posted on her Facebook and Twitter that for every “like” she gets on one of her photos, she will donate 1euro to the giro 555.

Unexpectedly for the singer people liked the idea and the photo way to much. When the amount of likes reached 200,000, the post was removed and singer announced that unfortunately she does not have that much money to donate.

Trijntje promised to still make a generous contribution and was thanked by the giro 555 none the less.

My personal comment to this situation, when I first heard it, was that instead of liking a picture singer should have asked for people to like her facebook page (which currently has around 70,000 likes).

This is preferable in term of marketing because simply put Marketers can do much more with pages like than picture likes. For example, FB pages show up much more on the timeline whenever a new update is made, as well as, on timelines of friends of people who liked the page.

Regardless to say that Marketers spend billions of euros annually to promote themselves using social media as well as their FB pages, spending much more than 1euro per “like”.

This just shows that the charity approach can benefit both companies and people in need. However, this approach needs to be have transparency.

If for example CocaCola decides to promote their FB page in a similar fashion, people will immediately understand that this is a Marketing campaign of the company rather than an attempt to help people. Therefore, companies need to find activities that are more closely linked to their corporate business, as for example, planting trees, saving wales, …

The world needs a little help in many areas and companies should help specially if they work in related areas.

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