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As I progressively tend to find out, people do not know what they are consuming, or at least they do not have clear reasons to why they are doing so. Most people have an idea that their consumption is necessary and tends to satisfy certain aspects of their needs. This believe comes mostly from other people who exercise some pressure on us (as for example, social pressure – we see other people consuming something; or peer pressure – a family member or a friend telling us to do something), or from mass media. I believe, however, that this believes comes from one major reason, which is that people just don’t know better. They are not informed about what they should consume and whatever information from unreliable source is better than no information at all.

balanced-diet-chartI already addressed the point that some of products are not necessary. Some products do nothing more than to harm us and create profit for other people (e.g., cigarets and alcohol).

This realization was also followed by a certain category where I struggled personally because I had no idea about products I should consume. This product category is food.

Most advice we get for healthy or good eating are: do not consume products that contain too much sugar, calories and fat. Still, no one wants to be a vegetarian just because the animal are mistreated or to be a “health junky”, because all the body builders drink these “very healthy shakes” (which are rumourosly known to make you fat in a long run).

All the books about food are also under a lot of negative gaze because they sound like someone trying to impose they own views, or give 100 pro’s and con’s to eating lettuce or potatoes.

Still, I found this very comprehensive and very good advise video. It is by Dr. Michael A. Klaper, doctor with over 40 years of experience in a field of medicine. The video is 1 hour long, so if you don’t have time to watch it right now, just put it on a “watch later” or just watch it in 2 or 3 goes, because it is full of useful information.

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