Where do we get our energy from – Is it Marketing?

1I have recently read an idea which inspired me.

Apparently, and this can be somewhat of a common knowledge too, if a infant is not to receive any nurturing at the first weeks of its life, he or she can die. Even in possession of good and warmth, without some “love” a baby cannot survive.

Even if we survive the infancy, which majority of us do, the need of receiving some emotional energy never really goes away. The whole live people are looking for different sources emotional of energy, which shape people as whole.

Some people find energy in their parents from the early start of their lives and stay close to them forever. Some people find it in gangs, the only authority willing to spend energy on them. Still other are inspired by their heroes, which they never even meet.

Overall, there are sources of emotional energy which every person is tapping to a certain degree.

A source can be: family, friends, work / school, sports, leisure activities, such as passive entertainment, expensive toys, such as a new car, and so on.

Every aspect of our lives gives us or takes from us some energy, which case depend, and varies from person to person. Some of the energy is therefore positive and other is negative. There are other aspects of our lives that neither give or take energy.

A lot of positive energy is good and leads to happiness, while a lot of bad energy is bad and leads to depression. The important thing is, therefore, to find out what part of live give us energy, or take it from us. If we don’t have enough positive sources, it is important to cultivate them.

As for the role of Marketing, it provides us with product consumption experience expectations, which one of the major energy sources in today’s society, as we consume and use a lot of products daily. Advertisement creates needs, through conditioning of our brain responsible for the rewards and punishments. Otherwise said, advertising tell us that if we want to receive psychological rewards and to be happy, we need to get this or that. One the object is acquired, brain receives signal to feel good, otherwise it stays in the state of perpetual wait. The more the things we want accumulate and are weight against our goals and wants, specially if they are in line with our goals and wants, the more we feel that incomplete and receive a negative energy feedback. This to say Marketing can be a source of positive energy when we are consuming products and a source of a negative feelings at the moment of wait for a new source of stimulation we now want to have.

On the other side, the brain stimulation at the moment of acquisition of good, is a temporarily mechanism. The good feeling of a reward does not stay forever with us, it is not an accumulation of happiness feeling, otherwise as King Solomon said “we would be only happy when we are dead”. So after we have acquired the object of our desire and our emotional energy goes up and than desapears, it is replaced by a though on possession or of experience, not the feeling, making the whole process a never ending Rat Race for more positive energy.

So from personal perspective we need to forget about wealth and experience accumulation as a mean to happiness. We should regard Marketing as a tool for information and try to have a balanced energy levels, knowing where we get the most of our daily energy and strive to create more energy sources. This is the way for durable personal fulfillment.

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