Markting of – Specific Moments in Live

Due to abundance of marketing and large similarities between products, marketers are struggling to differentiate their products from competition. If they cannot do it on the physical level, than thy do it on psychological level.

While, this still will not be possible because majority of companies will target the same peoples needs, as for example a need for comfort, adventure, and prestige in case of cars, which will make all marketing campaigns almost indistinguishable, it is still will be sometimes possible to find that one need and show it in a way that was not shown before.

This is, for example,  very well done with new campaign of Nike showing teenagers pretending to be famous players:

This campaign is good for many other reasons, but next time people will say “I am (like) Ronaldo” or any other player, people will think “Nike”.

Another example is the advertisement of Invictus perfume where you can see a perfume attached to concept of masculinity, winning and somewhat Godly power:

In fact, not only do the campaigns take possession of these core comments of live, they also inspire people to talk more about these moments, becoming more of social trend.

In case of Nike and, teenagers and other football players will now compare themselves to the famous people on the fields of football. This is to say, the did it already, but now they will do it even more, making football not only a game, but also a fantasy, specially while wearing Nike.

In case of Invictus, people who are will associate themselves more with Gods, when they wear the perfume, although, probably not talk about it, but maybe feel that extra confident when they use the product.

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