*Next Blog!* – Free From Marketing – by Roman Russo

Free from Marketing Roman RussoDear readers,

I had a very good experience with Intro Marketing, but it is time to move on. The blog has had some original success and therefore it motivated me to continue writing.

I therefore have created a new blog called: Free from Marketing.

There were some reasons for rebranding:

1 – A baby blog – Intro Marketing was one of my first blogs. It was the most serious one, as I wrote more than 100 small posts, but time to grow up.

2 – Marketing is all about looks – Part of changing my blog was a need to access more features and personalize more the blog. For example, I needed a new blog look and to remove “wordpress” from the URL. Small changes, but big results.

3 – Attention of a gold fish – The topic of Intro Marketing was a bit vague – all about Marketing for beginners. Too much information, too many people writing about the same things, too little interest. How should I stand out?

4 – What Marketers don’t talk about – In my search to become unique I focused on one specific question “Why do people have a negative opinion about Marketing?” Apparently, there was already a lot of information on the subject, but very unorganized. A bit here, a bit there and no one talking from the side of Marketing

5 – Love for Marketing – In the overview, Marketing is not bad. It is neutral. It is all about how you use it – for good or for bad. My passion for Marketing continues and I want show that we can live happily and Marketing Free in a most Marketed society ever.

I might be old fashion or living in the past, but I have some attachments with Intro Marketing. This is why it still exists online. More than emotions, I still get some traffic from this website and while it is not substantial, I still want to use it and redirect it to my new blog. Call it an experiment, call it Internet littering, but if you read until now I am sure you will enjoy my new website.

CLICK HERE and see you there!

PS: If you are a subscriber of Intro Marketing, I will migrate your subscription to Free from Marketing, so you can continue enjoying great new content!

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