My name is Roman Narojnyi, I am 24, living in the Netherlands and I am a fascinated student of Marketing. I am not a student per say anymore as I just finished my Masters in International Management, where I followed the track Marketing, but a student in life. I love Marketing and I think it offers a lot of opportunities to learn about ourselves and others, as well as about our society and where it is going.

The reason I say this is, because our society is what it is, because of Marketing. Yes, yes, yes, our society is what it is due to many thinks, like politics, but if it was not for Marketing we would still be in medieval ages. Just think of any great discovery, of any product you so much love and use… If it was not for Marketing they would not be there for you, just because you would not know about them and, thus, producers of these products and innovations would not have any incentive to create them to for you.

But, still, the main question I want to answer you when I talk about myself is: Why did I decide to write this blog? (besides the fact that Marketing is nice and cuddly) Well, I read a lot of blogs and I read a lot of books and I still had many questions on how things work, questions that are not straight forward answered and that you need to go around and round to get answers. I assure you, the answers are out there, but many times they are just time consuming to be answered. So, in my frustrations, I decided to answer these questions and keep a journal of my answers, for everyone who ever had this problem, which, I realized, is a “big thing” in the world of business.


(For more about me check “About Intro Marketing”)

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