Coca Cola targeting Female Audience?

I heard that Coca Cola knows exactly what their sales increase amount will be as a result of a new marketing campaigns, before even lunching it.

It makes sense. After decades of being in the market, their ROI should be very well known. It teaches you a lesson right there and then: always take note of results of your campaigns, so you can have historic data.

Also, on the topic of Coca-Cola and sales, I’ve noticed a growing interest in the female market with these two new campaigns, lunched at more or less the same time:



You see why this is a female oriented ads, right? Well, first there is always a guy (main character or narrator), and than there are girls who are supposed to represent target groups. In the ad you can see at least one girl that suppose to represent a part of their target group (the biggest  target group is represented by the girl in closer to front and center). In this respect, guys in the ads are not there for target group determination.

What is also interesting is that these two campaigns advertise Coca Cola Zero and Coca Cola Light. The difference between these two products I don’t understand. Why Coca Cola decided to have two of the same (similar) products? And why are they promoting both the products at the same time?

The only reason I can even guess to have Coca Cola Zero and Coca Cola Light is best described by this Futurama moment:

Translating into socially acceptable or scientific term, this last video can teach us that by increasing amount of choices, the overall sales amount will also increase (which is consistent with the theory).

Do you agree that these two campaigns are female oriented? Leave a comment.

History Channel – “#1 Men’s Enternaiment Network”

History channel: number 1 men's entertainment channelClaiming to be #1 is possible in marketing and it is also effective, specially when no one can truly say for certain who is really the best in specific field. It is even comedic material to see two brands side by side on the shelves claiming both to be “Best”, “number 1” or “most preferred / used brand on the market”.

To my knowledge this happens specially a lot in a toothpaste and medicine markets. Self-claimed doctors, real doctors or actors in robes all have a say for who is the best, for certain amount of money in their pockets, of course. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am a marketing specialist and I would do it too if I was in these brands position, so I am just stating the fact.

History channel: number 1 men's entertainment channel



Now, as the title states, apparently History Channel is the #1 Men’s Entertainment Network. As a man and as a marketer, I see a problem with it. As marketer I know that making unsupportable claims can be counter productive for the brand image, but also that bad press can be a good press. As a man, I can tell you at least a dozen of other networks that beat History Channel in terms of entertainment factor. Its easy: ratings. (who agrees with me?)

Overall, I do like the idea of this ad, though, simply because I haven’t seen many other ads for History Channel. So in a way it is a reminder advertisement, with targeted towards men’s curiosity. I can be skeptical about the ad all I want, but the damage is done, I did remember about the brand.

End of the world 2012 – Thank you Mayas

Major global events such as new year get a lot of attention from companies and their marketing departments. It is just a good idea to associate your firm to a key emotional moments of peoples lives.

The next biggest event is Mayas 2012 end of the world. The world did not end in the beginning of the year, which leads to believe that it will in the end of the year, or will it end at all? One way of another, there are many different, current, 2012 efforts to connect to this event, as for example with a movie that just came out Seeking a Friend for the End of the World:



Also companies such as Axe are now trying to promote their products by connecting “Sex” with idea of the end of the world and of course the use of the brand:



As it happens, I also have been asking people what they would be doing if it was in fact the end of the world and what are they doing right now, and what I get is that people don’t think the world is gonna end, but most importantly, people are not pursuing the thing that they really want out of their lives. This is of course good news for corporations, but a bad news for society as a whole (i.e., the overall peoples happiness). Still the end of the world is a very good idea for current advertisements and different events themes.

Felix Baumgartner and Red Bulls sponsorship


Corporate sponsorship for this one jump is worth 50 million euro and was predicted to cost even more. Result? Does it really worth 50M?

Lets take a better look.

First of all, there are rights for broadcast worldwide, for which RedBull may have charged (although I do not think so). Also, worldwide sales of the the actual Redbull drink will increase, due to immediate exposure to the advertisement and over time, due to powerful, new associations created in regards to the brand (i.e., fastest, most daring, breaking world records, etc.). Other sources of income are merchandise sales and other sales rights such as of technology (e.g., NASA now uses the data acquired from this jump to improve their own space activities).

Overall, worth it.

And why am I so sure? Well because annual sales of Red Bull are of 4.5 billion cans and their marketing budget was of $900 Million (2010). So, while 50 Million for one campaign is a lot comparing to a 900 Million year budget (1/18), the average daily spending should be around 2,5 Million. Still, while average person does not see RedBulls ads every day, during the day of Felix Baumgartner jump and for at least a week to come, the brand is hitting a great number of papers, TV channels, is seen all over social media, and other channels, biggest being of course chatter, aka word of mouth (which is considered to be one of the best Marketing channels).

Overall, I have to give it to RedBull. Records are being broke everyday and new discoveries are made constantly. Still, due to a cool name (“man jumps from stratosphere”) and good amount of money investment, I will expect that a lot of people will see the brand logo one or several times during the upcoming days.

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(This photos I found on my own FB. Sorry for any offensive language. It is FB afterall.)

If you want more information about the jump, check also, the Red Bulls page where they show the jump footage and offer other event related information.