Skype’s New Service – Video Message

Skypes Video messageAfter last most innovative move, consistent of group calls, sending a video message might be the next adding value step Skype is looking for to give a short- to medium-term edge over its competition.

Video messages consist of pre-recording a video message and sending it to other users when they are offline. As soon a user re-opens his/her Skype they can see all the video messages left them when they were offline.

There few if any services like this, which, as they say in business, a easy to copy value adding service, but innovative none-the-less. This service will give Skype an edge over its competition and is surely to soon follow by all the major firms in telecommunications.

Coca Cola targeting Female Audience?

I heard that Coca Cola knows exactly what their sales increase amount will be as a result of a new marketing campaigns, before even lunching it.

It makes sense. After decades of being in the market, their ROI should be very well known. It teaches you a lesson right there and then: always take note of results of your campaigns, so you can have historic data.

Also, on the topic of Coca-Cola and sales, I’ve noticed a growing interest in the female market with these two new campaigns, lunched at more or less the same time:



You see why this is a female oriented ads, right? Well, first there is always a guy (main character or narrator), and than there are girls who are supposed to represent target groups. In the ad you can see at least one girl that suppose to represent a part of their target group (the biggest  target group is represented by the girl in closer to front and center). In this respect, guys in the ads are not there for target group determination.

What is also interesting is that these two campaigns advertise Coca Cola Zero and Coca Cola Light. The difference between these two products I don’t understand. Why Coca Cola decided to have two of the same (similar) products? And why are they promoting both the products at the same time?

The only reason I can even guess to have Coca Cola Zero and Coca Cola Light is best described by this Futurama moment:

Translating into socially acceptable or scientific term, this last video can teach us that by increasing amount of choices, the overall sales amount will also increase (which is consistent with the theory).

Do you agree that these two campaigns are female oriented? Leave a comment.