Advanced tip for Internet Marketing (SEO optimization)

One of the more unknown filters used by google and other website designed to “weight” a website in terms of how important it will be on a search, meaning the better position that will be given to it is the number of years the domain name is bough for.

That simple. If a your domain is purchased for 5 years, comparing to the one of 1 year, and everything else is the same, the 5 year purchased domain name will be more easily to find on google search.

Trijntje Oosterhuis does more in few days than Marketers do in years!

Trijntje OosterhuisDue to recent unfortunate events in Philippines, social aid is coming from every part of the world.

In response to this disaster, Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis posted on her Facebook and Twitter that for every “like” she gets on one of her photos, she will donate 1euro to the giro 555.

Unexpectedly for the singer people liked the idea and the photo way to much. When the amount of likes reached 200,000, the post was removed and singer announced that unfortunately she does not have that much money to donate.

Trijntje promised to still make a generous contribution and was thanked by the giro 555 none the less.

My personal comment to this situation, when I first heard it, was that instead of liking a picture singer should have asked for people to like her facebook page (which currently has around 70,000 likes).

This is preferable in term of marketing because simply put Marketers can do much more with pages like than picture likes. For example, FB pages show up much more on the timeline whenever a new update is made, as well as, on timelines of friends of people who liked the page.

Regardless to say that Marketers spend billions of euros annually to promote themselves using social media as well as their FB pages, spending much more than 1euro per “like”.

This just shows that the charity approach can benefit both companies and people in need. However, this approach needs to be have transparency.

If for example CocaCola decides to promote their FB page in a similar fashion, people will immediately understand that this is a Marketing campaign of the company rather than an attempt to help people. Therefore, companies need to find activities that are more closely linked to their corporate business, as for example, planting trees, saving wales, …

The world needs a little help in many areas and companies should help specially if they work in related areas.

How to Kill your Blog Traffic

dog bloggingThere are many ways to create traffic, but there are definite two ways to kill your traffic. One is more obvious, while another is less so.

The obvious way to kill your traffic is not to write on your blog. No explanation needed.

The less obvious way is to post YouTube videos, without much other content. It is just so easy to post a video, write few lines and that’s it. However, the few times I did so, my traffic died… I am referring to Search traffic of course, but if you write enough you will know that all forms of traffic are all related (search, direct and referral traffics). When one goes up, other follow. I might as well let your dog write your posts…

I did only few experiments with the videos, but the difference was visible every time, so in last case I just went ahead and deleted my old post.

There are of course video blogs. For them it maybe be different. In the end it depends on how you promote your blog.

If you have different experience with YouTube videos please share. I want to hear about it.

Pro Tip YouTube

Youtube logo72 hours of video are being being uploaded on YouTube every minute. Much more than anyone can ever watch.

This is why, if you decide to upload a video, people will tell you that you need to have a great content, something truly unique, to follow trends and so on. It is a hard things to do, isn’t it?

Another tip you will hear all the time (for any social media actually) is optimization. “Look for perfect keywords” they say. Concentrate on these words, emphasis them in titles, etc, etc. Not so easy either, but more reasonable, in my opinion.

So what is my pro tip for you today? VERY EASY: in description of the video, write down everything that was said during the video, word by word. This is specially a good tip for music videos, as more often than not, when people don’t know the name of the song or the artist, they search for lyrics. If there is a lot of content, maybe it is a good idea to provide main topics of conversation. Also put all the links discussed in the video in comments and even the names of speakers, if that makes sense.

Really reconsider using much more the “description” of the video and not only the title and tags. After all, this is the only things that Google and Youtube can pickup when someone searches for the video.

Top 7 Youtube Channels

Every Marketing professional today will tell you that having a social media presence is important, and one of channels companies need to consider is of course Youtube. Designing a good youtube channel is difficult and certainly tricky. Perhaps the most important part is to have a good idea, but also having many videos can do a trick.

This is my top 7 youtube channel list, based on my interest, but what I can guaranty is that at least it is a good list. You probably should add these channels to your favorites, too. There are no music channels or game channels in this list, because I find music and games mostly a mater of test. There are, however, entertainment and educative channels. So, without no further adieu:

7 – NumberPhile – Number Phile is a channel about numbers, straight and simple. This may not sound very interesting for many people, but trust me I was a skeptic once too. I only wish I learn these things at school, in much more fun way, as in this channel.

This channel actually has different other channels (“subchannels”), so if you will like Number Phile check them out, too: SixtySymbols; NottingHamScience; BackStageScience; DeepSkyVideosPeriodicVideos.

6 – HISHE – How It Should Have Ended is a channel featuring videos about popular films that have already came out, but they are remade in cartoon like way and with alternative end to the film.

5 – EpicMealTime – This is a REAL MEN’s youtube channel. As a man I really enjoy it. It is a cooking channel where the main ingredients are beacon and alcohol. There was no “good” video to put as a demonstration, not to say that all videos are bad, but to make it more fun there is some adult language involved, so be warned before watching this new video.

4 – Professional Russian – This is another very popular (male?) youtube channel. It is ranked as 11th most subscribed youtube channel. It talks about guns and guns, from mother Russia.

(PS: I did not put any female channels, because I am very bad judge of quality, but one female channel, ranked as 24th most subscriptions on youtube, is Michelle Phan. Let me know if you like it).
3 – College Humor – With over 2000 video and ranking as a 10th most subscribed channel on Youtube, College Humor offer a huge variety of short videos for every test.

While being #10 on Youtube is great, it is not enough to be #1 on this list. Therefore #2 is:

2 – VSouce This is also a geeky website, but before I scare you any further, it talks about some very interesting things. I personally get blown away by the research these people make, because they do talk about anything, in a scientific and fun way.

In addition, there are 2 subchannels: VSouce 2 and VSouce 3. VSouce 2 talks more about interesting human made objects, while VSouce 3 talks about interesting games and apps, so unfortunately I did not keep my promise and put a gaming channel. Still #2 on this list is VSouce channel and the other 2 you can decide (not) to subscribe at you own choice!

1 – TedTalk – I have already talked about TedTalk in my previous post “Top 10 TedTalk’s on Marketing“, one of the top ranking posts on this blog. I believe a lot of people know what it is all about, but just for the sake of it, it is a talk where a person, expert in specific field, comes out and tells us about his area, with purpose of teaching something that really maters. Something that other people should know, such as in the following video:

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“Like” Button is Breaking the LAW

Fb privacy, FB protection, FB dislike, FB protestAccording to The Cookie Collective, Facebook’s “Like” button that appears on the other websites outside Facebook, may not be compliant with current legislation, specifically the Cookie Regulations.

The “Like” button is very commonly used across Internet for 2 main reasons:
1) It influence people to like the website (or link), by showing that many other people like the website as well (social desirability effect);
2) To increase the chance of website being found on search engines (e.g., Google), as current website judging algorithms now use social networking component as part of the judging system.

Cookies on the other hand are not allowed anymore by legislation, because they breach peoples privacy. They are peaces of information stored on you computer, connecting your computer to a specific website. Whenever you connect to that website, your computer informs that website that you have been there before and provides some other information about your previous interactions with that website. Cookies don’t (usually) contain more information than that. Still you can see how they are illegal according to Cookie Regulation.

The “Like” button’s noncompliance come from the fact that whenever you click “Like” button outside the server of Facebook, the action installs a Cookie on your computer. The cooky belongs to Facebook, but Facebook is not legally responsible because that cooky was not installed on their website. While the FB “Like” button are non-compliant, users and other website have to make decision whether or not to use this popular tool, as they are contributing to a breach of personal privacy.

(Find out more about Who are your website visitors?)

Mobile and Social Media MESS

Mobile media and Social Media hold a lot of money and are constantly growing. It is therefore not surprising that there are a lot of companies in this industry. This makes it messy for both people who a looking for different internet services and firms who are looking to invest in these medias. Just take a look at this:

Social Media Mess

Mobile Media Mess

Original post Business Insider (Social Media; Mobile)

How Facebook affects how we dress?

“Everyone is a commodity” (Donald Trump), still you don’t need to know Marketing concepts to be able to market yourself well (unless you are a famous person). The basic understanding of style, behavior, and interaction with other people is sufficient to get around. However, there is also a growing demand on having a well developed social identity.

Thus, people nowadays spend hours of their time browsing through pages and pages of photos, video, comments, status updates, “like” buttons, …, to stay up to date on what’s going on around them. They are also contemplating more and more on how to present themselves in their photos and profiles and, therefore, are conditioned by the source of their profiles.

In one particular case, Facebook affects the way we dress. Did you ever notice that if you seemed to always appear in the same t-shirt / dress / … on all the photos in your profile, after which you simply stopped using that piece of clothing? Its like having a picture taken always in the same location, not interesting! This might sound silly, but it’s also a major source for concern! No longer can you dress as you want or use the same clothes over again…

What is then the solution? Well, related or not, the new fashion trend right now is to wear many different pieces of clothing simultaneously and to change accessories. This way, even the small changes will be perceived as big differences in how you look.

What are the marketing implications?

1) Facebook may be a good channel for clothing promotion
2) Use specific social media to sell specific products (e.g., sell suits on LinkedIn)
3) Use this post (or similar others) as a source for a viral or gorilla marketing!
4) Stay tuned for many more marketing applications of social media