*Next Blog!* – Free From Marketing – by Roman Russo

Free from Marketing Roman RussoDear readers,

I had a very good experience with Intro Marketing, but it is time to move on. The blog has had some original success and therefore it motivated me to continue writing.

I therefore have created a new blog called: Free from Marketing.

There were some reasons for rebranding:

1 – A baby blog – Intro Marketing was one of my first blogs. It was the most serious one, as I wrote more than 100 small posts, but time to grow up.

2 – Marketing is all about looks – Part of changing my blog was a need to access more features and personalize more the blog. For example, I needed a new blog look and to remove “wordpress” from the URL. Small changes, but big results.

3 – Attention of a gold fish – The topic of Intro Marketing was a bit vague – all about Marketing for beginners. Too much information, too many people writing about the same things, too little interest. How should I stand out?

4 – What Marketers don’t talk about – In my search to become unique I focused on one specific question “Why do people have a negative opinion about Marketing?” Apparently, there was already a lot of information on the subject, but very unorganized. A bit here, a bit there and no one talking from the side of Marketing

5 – Love for Marketing – In the overview, Marketing is not bad. It is neutral. It is all about how you use it – for good or for bad. My passion for Marketing continues and I want show that we can live happily and Marketing Free in a most Marketed society ever.

I might be old fashion or living in the past, but I have some attachments with Intro Marketing. This is why it still exists online. More than emotions, I still get some traffic from this website and while it is not substantial, I still want to use it and redirect it to my new blog. Call it an experiment, call it Internet littering, but if you read until now I am sure you will enjoy my new website.

CLICK HERE and see you there!

PS: If you are a subscriber of Intro Marketing, I will migrate your subscription to Free from Marketing, so you can continue enjoying great new content!

My 8 rules of success

What does it take to be successful? Here are my 8 rules:

1- Be pro-active. The opposite would be reactive. People who are pro-active do more and get better results. They also become perceived as opinion leaders and people of reference. Now, who can say they don’t want to get their opinions heard?

2- Forget the pain. Anything worth doing, won’t be easy and will make you break a sweat. Remember, short-term pain is temporary and will go away, while long-term results are durable and are there to stay.

3- Find a personal balance. There always should be balance in your life. There are many possible forms of balance, with one important example, the balance between working, resting, learning and physical health. People often forget about one of these areas and, because of their unbalance, can be easily thrown off by a person who has these areas in balance. The balance rule is important, as, after all, the team is as strong as its weakest link.

4- Concentrate on you strengths, but don’t forget your weaknesses. This rule results from the balance rule, but it needs more emphasis, as strengths are needed to deliver results while weaknesses can easily ruin the way to success. Also, by improving the parts where you are worst, the parts where you are better are also going to improve.

5- Control the uncertain. In the face of uncertainty, one can do one of following actions: do something, not do anything, or do something half way. The “to do” option entails the decision to act on that which is uncertain, not knowing what the results of this action will bring. The “not to do” option entails the decision not to act on the uncertain, while the “do half way” option entails not really to go along with the decision, nor to withdraw, which is the worst possible option. My rule is to decide immediately on whether to act or not to act on uncertainty, but to still be flexible.

6- Listen to others! This is a very common suggestion, but people never tell why it is important, besides the fact that you will be perceived as a better person… Listening is important, because people all around you are trying to teach you something. It won’t always be the best possible information / advice, so one needs to have a critical eye. Learning does not only have to come from books, but it also can come from millions of people who read books and establish their unique point of view based on acquired knowledge and experience. Don’t listen only to satisfy others, but also listen to satisfy yourself.

7- It’s all about objectives. In order to get where you want to go you need to have a plan, a starting point, a middle and an end. Nothing will just fall in your lap. Establish your objectives and make a “road plan” of how you are going to reach these objectives. Besides common knowledge, my advice is to keep objectives and the road plan at the level of top of the mind awareness. Personally, I have them written down and carry them with me at all times in my wallet.

8- Re-evaluate your decisions! Last rule, re-evaluate your decisions, is about any step of decision making, which people usually follow in business, but often disregard in personal day-to-day life, which consists of thinking about your performance in any task (e.g., cooking, playing soccer, taking to your friend on the phone), from a critical point of view. This evaluation is an important step in making your performance closer to perfection, which is just another way of saying that it is a good advice to succeed in your personal life.

It is all in your hands!

Intro to Intro (01)


Did you ever think how you can catch someone’s attention towards yourself or towards your firm or products? Well, I have. In fact that was my long time interest and hobby that I pursuit as long as I can remember. Today I am willing to share my ideas and practices, as by sharing I want to take the next step in learning – to become a teacher / mentor / consultant.

My name is Roman Narojnyi, and right now (October 2011) I am 24 yo. I live, study and work in Netherlands, Amsterdam, the place I now proudly call home. This is my blog where I will mainly discuss the topics of Marketing and Business Plans, as these are the topics that interest me the most. The idea of this blog is that I will address some issues regarding some Marketing practices that are out there, as well as come up with business plans for the ideas that can have a real life applications.

I, therefore, am interested in seeing how far my ideas will go in terms of creative aspect and execution, and if anyone interested I am free to discuss them.

More information coming soon!

Take care,