End of the world 2012 – Thank you Mayas

Major global events such as new year get a lot of attention from companies and their marketing departments. It is just a good idea to associate your firm to a key emotional moments of peoples lives.

The next biggest event is Mayas 2012 end of the world. The world did not end in the beginning of the year, which leads to believe that it will in the end of the year, or will it end at all? One way of another, there are many different, current, 2012 efforts to connect to this event, as for example with a movie that just came out Seeking a Friend for the End of the World:



Also companies such as Axe are now trying to promote their products by connecting “Sex” with idea of the end of the world and of course the use of the brand:



As it happens, I also have been asking people what they would be doing if it was in fact the end of the world and what are they doing right now, and what I get is that people don’t think the world is gonna end, but most importantly, people are not pursuing the thing that they really want out of their lives. This is of course good news for corporations, but a bad news for society as a whole (i.e., the overall peoples happiness). Still the end of the world is a very good idea for current advertisements and different events themes.