How to Kill your Blog Traffic

dog bloggingThere are many ways to create traffic, but there are definite two ways to kill your traffic. One is more obvious, while another is less so.

The obvious way to kill your traffic is not to write on your blog. No explanation needed.

The less obvious way is to post YouTube videos, without much other content. It is just so easy to post a video, write few lines and that’s it. However, the few times I did so, my traffic died… I am referring to Search traffic of course, but if you write enough you will know that all forms of traffic are all related (search, direct and referral traffics). When one goes up, other follow. I might as well let your dog write your posts…

I did only few experiments with the videos, but the difference was visible every time, so in last case I just went ahead and deleted my old post.

There are of course video blogs. For them it maybe be different. In the end it depends on how you promote your blog.

If you have different experience with YouTube videos please share. I want to hear about it.