Creative, but smart – Branding

Concentrate - Homer editionWhen I am looking up a company or information I expect to find it under certain name or keyword. Keywords should be consistent with the information I am looking for. If the keyword is inconsistent, my search will be much more difficult and I won’t be as happy even if I find the correct result.

If a brand name is inconsistent with what brand stands for, it will be harder to find that brand and I wont be as happy if I spend 10 minutes looking for something that usually takes maximum 1 minute to find. This should be obvious, however some companies continue doing this mistake, making their lives harder. For example:

1. Taxi – international adverting agency. If you look for “Taxi” you wont find an international ad agency…

2. Fluid Technology – a sport equipment brand. A Google search for “Fluid Technology” shows water turbines.

The lesson is: Do your branding creatively, but do it smart.