Mac Keeper (WARNING!)

mackeepr-mascott1Have you heard of Mac Keeper? Well, if you see a banner for it, you should not click it (like many other banners out there), or for that matter install Mac Keeper on your Mac.

Mac operates on automatic system that requires no cleaning or anti-viruses. Everything is done automatically, which can be sometimes confusing for first timers (Windows users).

Furthermore, Mac Keeper is not official Apple product, it costs money and it will only slow your computer down. It is like cigarets, if you know what I mean.

This is not even my own opinion / warning. The official Apple store personal will tell you this. In my understanding, the only reason Apple does not block Mac Keeper is because they are a big company and don’t want to be sued on some grounds, but I feel it is my obligation, to warn you about it, as I am just giving my honest online feedback about this product.

12 Controversial Ads from the Past

Ethics change, so do the societies, so do the ads. We are living in a “developed” society, or so we think. In 10-20 years what we take today as allowed and welcomed will be incorrect on so many levels.

Selling alcohol, cigarets and guns was once a honest way of living, but today it is not allowed. The opposite is also true. Talking about science was not allowed for many centuries, but now it is hard to avoid in everyday conversations. Who knows what legal or ethical restrictions will emerge in the future? Today anyone can change opinion of millions with few words or presses of the button.

However, today we are not going to talk about the future, rather about the past. We are going to look at some old ads, which could offend some viewers and start riots and demonstrations if shown in incorrect context, but I am doing it from a fun and educational level, so hopefully no one will sue me. Enjoy:

1. Tipalet – with cigaret seduction.

Controversial ad cigarets

2. Toothache drops – made of cocaine

Controversial ad cocaine

3. Rats – An Asian person is eating a mouse… yeh…

Controversial ad enthnicity

4. Decron – Carpets


5. Lysol – Concentrated germ killer for women

Controversial ad germs

6. Lucky Strike – Healthy cigarets for good looking people.

Controversial ad cigarets

7. Vitamin donuts – eat what you like and stay healthy

Controversial ad healthy donuts

8. Wheaties – Japanese trap for American soldiers

Controversial ad breakfast

9. Chase ans Sanborn coffee – drink it without telling others

Controversial ad coffee

10. Lane Bryant – Discounts on cloth

Controversial ad cloth

11. Humble – Energy provider

Controversial ad glacier

12. Perfect Christmas gift – Gun

Controversial ad guns

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