Social Campaigns – jpg and audio.

Lately I have been paying special attention to entertainment material, which may have an educational aspect to it.

I did this because I think that this material can teach a valuable social lessons in a fun way, and therefore can be more easily remembered. This sort of educational material can therefore serve as a better tool for schools and social campaigns.

Here are my favorite examples:

1. IKEA’s campaign “Free Snowman” is specially good example of how you can promote your company in a way that brings a social responsibility, unique point of sale and branding, all in one add.

Social campains

2. Use paper towels in moderation, as well as other forms of paper products, and help to save Earth, were two campaigns also well done by both Guadalupe agency as well as WWF.942467_409454665818914_1081475050_n 420771_406203349477379_338972031_n

3.  You can interpret this pictures in many ways. To be pretty you don’t have to go to extreme, is one way. You can leave your own interpretation in comments.543714_370268529744405_1396123783_n

4. I don’t know what this picture says in Arabic but I think it is self-explanatory. If two countries (or entities) will fight over resources, they will not get anywhere. Cooperation is the key.

417971_514404675262730_28953941_n5. The following lyrics are from the song Azonto by Fuse ft. Tiffany Ghana. It refers to the fact that sometimes you should not look for social approval from others to do something. Of course it the lyrics are very important in any song, as they determine demographics. In this case, authors made a good job of making this music fun and with the good message.

azonto fuse ft. tiffany ghana lyricsEnjoy.