Comparative advertising

There are fundamental differences in how people do advertising all around the world. These differences are not only guided by the legal or cultural aspects of advertising, but also the ideology.

Specifically, the use of Comparative Advertisements is not the same everywhere you go in the world. In US, for example, the act of showing and comparing performance or images of two brands in the same industry is allowed and socially accepted, with ads showing one competitor as s weaker than other appear all the time on TV and billboards.

In EU, on the other hand, comparative advertising was not allowed for very long time. This limitation has been later removed, but this did not lead to increase of comparative ads in commercials. Why is that so?

What happens is that EU people don’t like comparative ads and they think that this form of competition is a “low” and unfair way of competing. Thus, if comparative ad is to be shown in EU, both brands will be seen as worth off at the end of advertising inspection. So it does not matter whether this aspect of advertisement is allowed or not, it is just smart not to do it in EU.

Lets now enjoy some classical comparative ads: Pepsi vs. Cola