Google+ vs. FB – what is the current difference in popularity?

Google plus and Facebook trends

Google plus and Facebook trends

This is by no way conclusive or 100% correct but on one of my sources that I personally believe to be unbiased (without putting any names – a company where you make online food orders), I found a ratio Google+ vs Facebook to be

approximately 200,000 likes to 10,000 likes, meaning and 22times higher preference for Facebook.

2013 Popularity – Social Media and Apps

buddy-media-social-marketingAs it happens on periodic bases, people what to know what is the most popular Social Media, and now also App, on Internet and on the phone.

Some results are to be expected, but other will blow you mind, as for example Zinga being more popular that WhatsApp and WhatsApp being more popular that Twitter.

So here is 2013 popularity list for Social Media and Apps:

1) Facebook – 1.1 Billion

2) YouTube – 1 Billion

3) QQ – 700 Million

4) Weibo – 503 Million

5) Google + – 343 Million

6) WeChat – 320 Million

7) Shazam – 300 Million

8) Yahoo Mail – 281 Million

9) Skype – 280 Million

10) Zynga – 232 Million

11) WhatsApp – 210 Million

12) Twitter – 200 Million

13) SoundCloud – 180 Million

14) Pandora – 175 Million

15) Badoo – 172 Million

16) Tumblr – 170 Million

17) LinkedIn – 160 Million

18) Snatch – 150 Millions photos uploaded every day

19) Line – 150 Million

20) Instagram – 100 Million

21) Flickr – 87 Million

22) Yelp – 84 Million

23) FlipBoard – 53 Million

24) Evernote – 50 Million

25) Pinterest – 49 Million

26) Kik Messanger – 30 Million

27) MySpace – 27 Million

28) Spotify -24 Million

29) Path – 10 Million

30) Instapaper – 2 Million

The later positions might be still interesting to you, depending on your industry, target group, country and clutter preferences.

Also it will be interesting to compare this results in few month or so to see the evolution of this positions.

(source: buzzfeed)

8 Awesome Alternative Search Engines

We all know or use Google, Yandex, or Bing. However, there are many alternative search engines that are not as famous but nice to know, specially if you are looking for alternative sources of information. Here is my top 8:

8) duckduckgo logoDuckDuckGo – This is a Search Engine said not to record users information and therefore provide free from behavioral filters search result, improving relevance (see why it is important here).

7) mahalo_logoMahalo – What now is known as “human-powered” search engine, Mahalo is managed by a group of people who decide what page get to be promoted in search engine. Mahalo does not have as big list of results as Google, but offers alternative search results.

6) Twinitor logoTwinitor – With 250 million unique monthly visitors, Twitter is one of the most popular Social Medias on Internet. It is very good source of information specially when it comes to ongoing events or news. Twinitor search Twitter for Twits on chosen keyword (Listorious is another a Twitter search engine).

5) torrentz_eu logoTorrentz – torrents search engines that brings together torrents search results from different torrent search engines, including ThePirateBay, Vertor, Monava, and many other.

Technorati logo4) Technorati – Search engine for blogs, compiling impressive list of 112 million blogs.

Yippy logo3) Yippy (formally known as “Clusty”) – Searches other search engines for you. If concept was not super awesome already, using Yippy you can find rare (“obscure”) content that is harder to find using other engines.

2) youtube_logo_635Youtube – Everyone knows Youtube. It needs no introduction. Most of us use it for entertainment value and forget that it is actually 2nd biggest search engine on the Internet after Google.

1) The internet archive_logoThe Internet Archive – Is a search engine where you can see Internet pages as they used to be in the past. You can see pages back up to 1999.