Interactive Window Shopping

Hilfiger_WindowA new technology is being created and tested in a line with this corporate need of bringing products closer to customers. This technology will allow customers to enter a corporate store and even purchase products LIVE before even going inside the store. This new technology is being now called “Interactive Window Shopping” (IWS).

Customers walking pass the store will have ability to interact with the computerized glassed windows displays, which will allow them to browse through different product offerings using only the window of the store. The window of the store will be therefore transparent as all the other windows of the stores are but at the same time they will be interactive computer displays which will change window depending on the customers inputs.

Additionally, not only customers will have ability to interact with the window displays, but also the window displays will have ability to interact with the passers by. This will be achieved by the use of the eye detection cameras and motion sensors, which will tell the display exactly where the potential customers are respond to them in pre-programed way.

IWS’s will further have ability to interact with mobile devices, so that consumer has ability to browse different product offering using their mobile phones, from outside the store.

Different companies like Philips and TBWA are already fighting to bring this technology to the market bringing us closer to the the SciFy movie reality Minority Report. The question on everyones mind is whether this technology will catch on and when we will see these displays on our local community stores.

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