Why God is Losing Popularity According to Marketing Theory (and how to solve it)

God + religion + technology + new ageUp to 18-19th centuries, the time of of enlightenment and scientific and industrial revolutions, it is fair to say that people where much more religious, in a sense of how much involved they where with religions (specially in terms of time they have spent with it).

After this period religion started to progressively lose its followers, which was countered by progressive increase of Marketing. Specifically, marketing provides different information about what is out there. By developing peoples knowledge about other activities and creating new interests, people started to spend less and less time with “God”.

Additionally, new technologies are much more computer based, meaning that people spend less time reading books and much more watching TV, watching videos on their computers, listening to music, and so on. This was not possible back in the day specially with information control policy imposed by the church.

This is still very well seen in very religious societies such as Islamic and Arabic societies, where the technology is still not very wide spread and where there are still legal limitations on information flow (Marketing flow).

Therefore, if religion is to continue with the progress it needs to become part of the progress,to use Marketing and to spread itself into new media channels such as facebook. It also needs to promote itself, in order to remind people about itself, because people have limited cognitive capacity, meaning that they can only remember / do limited number of activities at the same time.