Social Uncertainty: What we Should and should Never do.

JudgementDay is comingSocial Uncertainty is on my mind lately. What is it like to be cool? How do our decisions affect others and us in the eyes of the others? Should I do something or should not I?

While the questions above were already asked by many philosophers, sociologist, and many others, the truth of the matter is that the world is changing and new trends are appearing and dying everyday. So what does that mean for us, common people?

This means that we are living in the world of uncertainty. We don’t know or understand how some things work, even if we know what they are. This is because some things did not exist 1 or 2 years ago and now we take them for granted (e.g., smart phone, 3d cinemas). It is like knowing poker rules, but still losing every time we play it. A more accurate metaphor would be to have a Social Media page, such as facebook or twitter, and not to know how our posts or comments will affect us in a long run. Certainly, we think twice before pressing “like” button or posting a new picture.

This was indeed a result of a study conducted Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, US, where researcher took a look at effects of social media on our lives. Some of the examples discussed in this research were: a guy getting fired for badly commenting on performance of his team, and a teacher forced to resign after publishing pictures drinking beer and a wine on FB. You can read more about this study and its results here.

There are many more example of things in our lives that give us uncertainty: buy or not to buy, spend time doing working or to go out, to tell something to someone or not to tell, …. Pick one.

My take of it is that we as a society are over thinking and trying to much to please others, even if we don’t know who they are. “You don’t have a new generation TV?” or “Still listening to music of 80s”? We should stop with judgement and caring about opinions of other, because other people don’t know themselves anything. Everything they think they know, is the result of social pressure and probably comes back to Money and Marketing. So take that Marketing.