How Facebook affects how we dress?

“Everyone is a commodity” (Donald Trump), still you don’t need to know Marketing concepts to be able to market yourself well (unless you are a famous person). The basic understanding of style, behavior, and interaction with other people is sufficient to get around. However, there is also a growing demand on having a well developed social identity.

Thus, people nowadays spend hours of their time browsing through pages and pages of photos, video, comments, status updates, “like” buttons, …, to stay up to date on what’s going on around them. They are also contemplating more and more on how to present themselves in their photos and profiles and, therefore, are conditioned by the source of their profiles.

In one particular case, Facebook affects the way we dress. Did you ever notice that if you seemed to always appear in the same t-shirt / dress / … on all the photos in your profile, after which you simply stopped using that piece of clothing? Its like having a picture taken always in the same location, not interesting! This might sound silly, but it’s also a major source for concern! No longer can you dress as you want or use the same clothes over again…

What is then the solution? Well, related or not, the new fashion trend right now is to wear many different pieces of clothing simultaneously and to change accessories. This way, even the small changes will be perceived as big differences in how you look.

What are the marketing implications?

1) Facebook may be a good channel for clothing promotion
2) Use specific social media to sell specific products (e.g., sell suits on LinkedIn)
3) Use this post (or similar others) as a source for a viral or gorilla marketing!
4) Stay tuned for many more marketing applications of social media