Wolfenstein RIPS Watchman – Advertisement Failure (Part IV) – Game Trailer Edition

The title of this post should is “Wolfenstein rips Watchman”, but I will start with a small introduction:

The secret about making a good trailer is to put people on the edge of their sits without giving away to much information. There are several ways Marketers go about it today. For example:

– When a person is in a cinema, after watching respective Movie Trailer, he should not feel like he saw the film already. Therefore, film makers create trailers by putting scenes that will not be shown in a movie, show only the scenes from beginning of the movie, as not to spoil the main content (which in my opinion was specially well done with The Host), or just put random scenes together, so they don’t make sense right away.

– One of the most common failures right there and thenĀ (movie trailers wise) is to show a joke in a trailer and later repeat it in the movie. It is a failure because the audience still laughs, because people want to show others that they have a good humor, which makes it a social failure.

– Another form of trailers is Game Trailers. In the case of a game, game producers start to put short animated movies depicting the idea of the game, or sneak preview of the game play.

This Part IV of monthly Advertising Failures (Trailer Edition).

In this monthly advertisement failure edition we have the trailer of Wolfenstein: The New Order, a first person shooter, with even more story and better graphics.

The failure component of this trailer is that the music and the voiceover is almost identical to the movie The Watchman (2009).

If you ever saw the movie, you know what I mean. If you didn’t, well, its a good movie, so maybe you should see it! *smile*

Here is the Trailer. Enjoy:

This month the Advertising Failure edition come earlier than usual. Don’t worry, there will be more as promised. Stay tuned first day of every month for more Ad Failures! Remember, the best way to remember is to subscribe.