Advertisement Failures (Part II) – Website Edition

Humor in advertising is very important. However, some elements that originally were not supposed to be funny, may come out as so, in a very wrong way.

This Part II of monthly Advertising Failures (Website Edition).

Every language has it’s own nuances and some things that can be said in one language, are not correct in other language. Foreigners can get lost in translation, as in their language a word can have completely different meaning.Very famous example of bad translation in Marketing is Pepsi’s “Come Alive!” campaign, which in China was not so well received because in Chinese “Come Alive” means “Pepsi brings ancestors from the dead”… Another, not so famous example, is of a brand RaboBank, which is a Bank. This is one of most respectable brands in Netherlands and few other countries, but this brand would never be able to expand it activities to Portugal or Spain, because of local meaning of “rabo”, at least under its own name.

Another nuance about languages is that almost in any language, words are supposed to be written separately, except for few exceptions (e.g., I am – I’m). Websites don’t offer this luxury. Some funny Failures came out of this:

Bog photo 1

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