Marketing is Good: “Have You Seen It?”

I love controversy of Marketing. It gives me a lot to talk about.

The biggest controversy in Marketing is of course related to the discussion of whether the Marketing is good or bad.

The following conversation shows that the Marketing is good, which I’m sure you had in one point or other in your life:

A: – Did you see this movie?

B: – No.

A: – I can’t believe it! It is so good.

B: – …

A: – Well you should go see it immediately!

Actually, this conversation does not have to be only about a movie. It can be about a place (like Paris – have you been there?), an object (like a car – have you driven it?), or anything else.

It is good to hear these words, not because it is one of the best Marketing promotional tool (word of mouth), but because it shows that despite all, Marketing has positive qualities, as people get to know good products and the society growth as a whole.

One of a good movie in cinema right now is The Great Gatsby. Have you seen it? My father lives in different continent from me, and he has seen it.

There are a lot of good movies out there and there is discussion as to “Which is (best) most watched film of all times”. Some say it is Titanic and Star Wars, some other say it is The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind, just because these two last have been out for longer time (even though we have unprecedented growth of people on earth and people who watch cinema nowadays).

No matter what is the right answer, we can take another film that did very well in cinema as an example – The Avengers. This movie received several awards including the first film to break gross revenue of $1 billion worldwide. I could not find the estimated figure of how many people watched this movie, but even if it is 1 billion people and given the total population of earth is 7billion, only every 1 person in 7 watched the movie.

your argument is not validThis gives a high chance that even though a lot of people who saw it, a lot of people did not, therefore making the initial argument of “did you see this movie?” invalid.

Furthermore, it is interesting to notice that if you want to make the best marketing campaign for a movie you just have to go to Wikipedia. It has now a section for “Marketing” or “Promotion” in a lot of articles about movies, tv-shows, and other domains.

Game of Thrones, currently number one show in many rankings, for example, included a new and innovative way of promoting itself by creating “props” exhibition in different capitals of the world (last in Amsterdam, Netherlands), where people can take pictures siting on the Iron Throne, see clothing and items used to make this series and to get a feel as they were a part of this magical medieval world. They can later post these photos online and get other people to talk about this series.

siting on the Iron throne, game of thrones

So next time you hear “have you seen this movie?” just remember: Marketing is your friend.

Felix Baumgartner and Red Bulls sponsorship


Corporate sponsorship for this one jump is worth 50 million euro and was predicted to cost even more. Result? Does it really worth 50M?

Lets take a better look.

First of all, there are rights for broadcast worldwide, for which RedBull may have charged (although I do not think so). Also, worldwide sales of the the actual Redbull drink will increase, due to immediate exposure to the advertisement and over time, due to powerful, new associations created in regards to the brand (i.e., fastest, most daring, breaking world records, etc.). Other sources of income are merchandise sales and other sales rights such as of technology (e.g., NASA now uses the data acquired from this jump to improve their own space activities).

Overall, worth it.

And why am I so sure? Well because annual sales of Red Bull are of 4.5 billion cans and their marketing budget was of $900 Million (2010). So, while 50 Million for one campaign is a lot comparing to a 900 Million year budget (1/18), the average daily spending should be around 2,5 Million. Still, while average person does not see RedBulls ads every day, during the day of Felix Baumgartner jump and for at least a week to come, the brand is hitting a great number of papers, TV channels, is seen all over social media, and other channels, biggest being of course chatter, aka word of mouth (which is considered to be one of the best Marketing channels).

Overall, I have to give it to RedBull. Records are being broke everyday and new discoveries are made constantly. Still, due to a cool name (“man jumps from stratosphere”) and good amount of money investment, I will expect that a lot of people will see the brand logo one or several times during the upcoming days.

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(This photos I found on my own FB. Sorry for any offensive language. It is FB afterall.)

If you want more information about the jump, check also, the Red Bulls page where they show the jump footage and offer other event related information.